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Gannon Construction, Inc. 
We build homes… neighborhoods…communities

Gannon Construction, Inc. has been the predominant home builder in McFarland for over 50 years.

“We’re proud of our role in the McFarland Community,” says Gannon. “Not only do we build unique homes for families, but we actually design their neighborhoods. When we look at prospective sites, we try to visualize a neighborhood.”

“Then we tailor the neighborhoods to the area’s physical attributes and create a harmony between people and their surroundings; between people and their neighbors,” Gannon continues.

Clearly, Gannon designs neighborhoods with life styles in mind, including intimate cul-de-sacs in which families can find their own particular niches.

With a degree in civil engineering and construction administration from the University of Wisconsin, Tom has the technical finesse for building houses. Yet, his skills are mature beyond this technical finesse; for, through his experience, he’s gained a balance between business, engineering design and environmental considerations.

This skill and unity have come together to create settings like Indian Mound Park, Pheasant Ridge, Village Heights, Osborn Estates, Country Wood, Ridge View and now McFarland’s newest neighborhood, Highland Oaks.

Potential customers recognize the respect Tom has for this community; and time after time they reward him with their business. Since the birth of Gannon Construction, Inc. Tom’s father, Richard T. Gannon, some 55 years ago, Tom’s father and now Tom, have been building homes to meet market demands. Tom proudly comments, “Our philosophy of quality service and prices is paying off. Many of the young families we have built for in the past are now coming back for their 2nd and 3rd homes!” Tom is confident that before too long, he will be building satisfied customers their retirement homes.

Tom and his wife have raised their four children among the people he’s built for. There is a certain pressure living and building in a small community, Gannon notes. “We think it speaks highly of our attitude and confidence in our product – happy customers make good neighbors!” he says with a smile.

Gannon delights in designing and building attractive, solid, high-quality homes that families take pride in. It goes without saying: his respect for his customers’ demands that he use the finest quality materials, craftsmen and innovations available.

“We don’t ever compromise on a home’s structure or energy package,” Tom emphasizes. “Our reputations demands that we don’t cut corners.”

Gannon Construction, Inc. offers a full range of services – from finding the perfect site for your home, to designing it, to building the final product. We build in all price ranges including starter homes, move up homes, custom homes and condominiums. Over the years, Gannon Construction, Inc. has built over 1,200 homes, almost 800 of those in McFarland alone. 
“The company’s longevity speaks for itself “Not many companies survive 55 years in this business,” notes Gannon. “We are well recognized around the Madison area; and when we tell people to check us out, we say that with confidence.”

 “You must establish a good working relationship with your customer, your own crew and your subcontractors in order to develop a good product. Our crew and subcontractors believe in our product and goals. That is the main reason most are still on the Gannon team, even after 14 years or longer.” Tom, himself, finds this volatility of the construction business. “With our carefully selected construction process moves along very smoothly.”

Gannon Construction, Inc. is a member of the Madison Area Builders Association, Wisconsin Builders Association and the National Association of Home Builders.

Gannon Construction, Inc. build high quality homes for people they respect, with a crew and subcontractors they respect, in a community and environment they respect and love.

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